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The Power of Healing Starts with "The Power of Awareness"

The Power of the "I AM'

Five concepts to get started Healing!

All things, when they are admitted,are made manifest by the the light:

for everything that is made manifest is light"

Ephesians 5:13

  1. Whatever you believe in, will manifest in your life.This is build of the concept of " I AM".

Therefore it is important to know and creates new wonderful concepts of yourself.~ Healing starts within.

2. Once you are able to understand your awareness point, you can move forward.

Acknowledge , pain, hurt, disappointment, and discouragement. Identify all point of disconnection to peace.

3. It is important to understand that these point of disconnect from peace. is a time to reconnect to new peace, new concepts, new ways to approach life.

Identifying this point of dis balance with help you reevaluate the issues that is causing this to be. Think about other outcome, possibilities involving this trama point / disconnection point. Think of how you can grow from this set of circumstance

4. Identify, Understand , and Reevaluate your point of Awareness. Work on moving forward !

Forgive yourself and others. Forgive to heal. Create distance for the Disconnection point. Explore new avenue to reach your new goals and new ways of thinking. Use Tools such as Yoga, Walking, Mind Medication for heart and minds coherence.

5. Get comfortable with yourself. Spend time getting to know the new you. while Working on releasing the old you!

Work on finding time to get to know yourself. Exploring your like and your dislikes. Evaluate why you feel this way. And how these concepts and help or hinder your development of peace and oneness with self. Ground yourself in the oneness of self love! So you will eventually find oneness and in the world and obstacles created therefore.

Lashlays Legacy~

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