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Bariatric Waist Trainers

   We offer a comprehensive bariatric waist trainer program. Which provides waist trainers to help new bariatric patients reshape and contour their mid-area. While going through your recovery and weight loss journey as a bariatric surgery patient. It is very important to ensure that you protect, as well as secure you're abdominal area.


       With our waist training program, we provide three different levels of waist training for bariatric patients. Which includes levels one, two, and three. Each level provides handpicked waist trainers with certain qualities that are perfect for the recovery process after bariatric surgery.

Lashlays  Waist Trainer

level 1 | a breathable flexible non latex material. which is guaranteed to increase sweat with a sauna material. Increased sweat is absorbed with its with our absorption no latex Martial. This waist trainer can be worn between 8 and 10 hours. Improvise spinal support with the maximum comfort and compression for bariatric patients. Also help protects the abdominal surgery wounds while you are  still healing.

Lashlays Waist trainers

level 2 | This waist trainer also incorporates Sauna material which increase heat production in the mid area. Which also includes sweat absorption material to enhance the comfort and healing of the surgical site. level 2 provides a more secure and compression fit.  When you enter body is ready depending on your healing. This should be around your second or third month post opt. This firm flexible fit also comes with an invisible bone that is created to flex bend, no bend breaks in this trainer.

Lashlays Waist trainers

Level 3 | This style provides the maximum mid area contouring. We recommended between your six and seventh month of healing, after your bariatric surgery. Style three incorporates a firmer fit. highlighting enhance body contouring and reshaping. This style provides maximum comfort, compression, and contouring. We have also Includes triple heat Santa material which increasing sweat in the mid area

Get Fitted  (Local Atlanta Area)

We do an in-person fitting for post-Bariactic Patine Only. Surgical procedure Must be verified 

We service Jonesboro, Riverdale, Stockbridge, Mdcough, and Decatur Areas.

We also Provide Zoom fitting / Consultations 


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