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The Busy Parsons Way to Start Losing Weight, On The Go!

Do better than just trying. Succeed!

1. Diet changes is Must. You cannot work out more than how bad you are eating. Start by counting your Calories, Keeping Everything You Eat “Light and Bright: Fruit and Veggies is a Go to. Make sure to increase your protein and fiber. To ensure you have good digestive health. What is going in, should come out, easily!

2. Moving while you are at rest. If you sit down at work for several hours. Stand up. Do leg lifts for 5-7 two to three times a day. Or simply take a walk during your break.

3. Spend time outdoors. “Get Social” It is more common that if you are out, you are on the go. This is burning calories. While getting the Job Done.

4. Wear compression wear and trainers when seating for long hours. This helps with blood circulation and improves energy, posture, and body mechanics. All at the same time.

5. Make Sure you Eat to keep Your metabolism Going. 2- 3 Services will work. Keeping your Calorie intake in mind!

6. Slow down on the alcoholic Drink. Fun time can call for celebration! But done put on more thanks you can handle. We all know Alcohol is not the healthiest thing in the world! So why not Slow Down. Two benefits are~ increased energy and a healthy liver.

7. Don’t Drink your Calories max, with Sweat drinks. Try to wean yourself off the “Sweat Drug”. It will take time but work on reducing your sweat drink to ounce or two times a week If that! JUST SAY NO!

8. Always Look for New Ways to lose the Weight. Knowledge is power. and in this case the more you know the more your Lose! And this is the plan. So stay consistent. Be divers in your weight lose approach and see your end result. And Crush your Goal!

Nurse Lashley ~ Your Wellness Coach

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